06-03-2023 (v9.4.4-b50)

Released 06-03-2023


  • New Tertiary Branding Color

    • This release has added support for a new color for branding the link component. Users can select the tertiary color to brand text links. If the tertiary color is not defined, the default color for the Link component will be "Primary".

  • New Search Result De-duplication

    • A new filter "Show Duplicates" has been added to the search result screen. The default value for the "Show Duplicates" filter is "No," which means that if a search result has duplicates, all the duplicate results are combined into a single result set. An icon will be shown with a tooltip to indicate the duplicates. If the user selects the "Yes" option in the filter, combined duplicate search results will be split up.


  • Fixed Issue with Searches in React UI When Only One Doc Type is Configured

    • If you only had one document type configured in your company settings, you may have noticed that searches were not working correctly in the React user interface. We have now fixed this issue by removing a check that was hiding channels when there was only one document type selected for a company in advance company configuration.

  • Fixed Design Issues for Search Modal

    • We've made some design improvements to the search modal to fix some issues. We removed extra color from the 'Date-Range' select box, and fixed a zig-zag issue on included/excluded keywords when hovering.

  • Fixed When replicating a folder, an error message may be too long to fit into the database column 'last_error'.

    • If the error message is longer than 512 characters, we now save only the most important information to the database and discard the rest.

  • Fixed The process of folder replication has been modified to no longer involve the counting of total messages within a folder.

    • The feature of counting the total number of messages in a folder before displaying the filtered count on the history panel has been removed. As a result, the filtered count for the current folder will no longer be displayed on the history panel under the title "Messages to synchronize". Additionally, the filtered count will not be updated in the mbx_folder_download_history table under the filtered column.

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