Viewing Company Summary

How to view your company summary on your archive.

The Company Summary section displays all of your company’s key configuration settings in a single page.

  1. Navigate to Adv Configuration > Company Summary .

  • To edit company settings, click the Edit Company Settings link and refer to Updating Company Information.

  • To edit outbound email settings, click the Outbound Email Settings link and refer to Configuring Outbound Email Settings and Email Alerts

  • To edit data guardians and configure login settings, click the Edit Data Guardians & Login Settings link and refer to Managing Data Guardians.

  • To edit the local users list, click the Edit Local User List link and refer to Creating Local User Account.

  • To edit LDAP connections, click the Edit LDAP Connections link and refer to Configuring LDAP Settings.

  • To search via the User Directory, click the Search User Directory link and refer to User Directory.

  • To edit the IMAP mail collectors, click the Edit IMAP mail Collectors link and refer to Configuring Email Collector.

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