Monitoring Folder Replication

How to monitor your archive's folder replication status

After configuration, when the folder replication is started the state of mailboxes will be in running state. On clicking the history action, you will see a pop-up window open with the status of synchronization of multiple folders of a mailbox.

On this history page, administrator can continuously refresh & monitor the progress of synchronisation. Other actions provided here are:

  1. Test: Here particular mailbox connection can be tested.

  2. History: Status page for progress of synchronization.

  3. Reset: This resets the sync state of mailbox and forces synchronisation to start from the beginning.

  4. Details: Latest details of the running process can be seen on clicking this option.

Some options are provided above the table for mailboxes, they are:

  1. Clear Filter: It clears any applicable filter on table data.

  2. Reset: This resets the sync state of mailboxes selected and forces synchronization to start

    from the beginning.

  3. Delete: This deletes the mailboxes selected.

  4. Status: This option can alter the status of mailboxes selected to enable/disable.

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