Downloading / Emailing System Logs

How to download system logs from your Archive

The Get System Logs section allows access to server logs for analysis by support engineers. It allows you to extract the most recent logging data from the selected Solar Archive hosts and compress it into a ZIP file that can be downloaded or emailed.

It is recommended to check all the options and download or email the logs to your system, then forward the logs to your support contact.

Note: The Config Details option will not include password details. It abstracts only a small number of items from the configuration database and some configuration files. It can take up to 3 minutes to obtain the logging data from all servers.

  1. Navigate to Management > Get System Logs.

  2. Check the options for which you want to download / email the logs. To select all the options in a category, check the All field.

  3. Enter the number of lines, from last, which you want to download / email.

  4. To download the logs, click the Download button.

  5. To email the logs, enter the email address(es) to which you want to email in the Email field. To enter multiple email addresses, separate them with commas.

  6. Click the Email button.

  7. The logs will be emailed to the email address(es).

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