Centralised Add-in Install

Install the Add-in across the organisation.

Requirement You need to be enabled to access the new interface of Solar Archive.

Centralized Deployment is the recommended way for an Office 365 admin to deploy Office Add-ins (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) to users and groups within an organization, provided the organization meets all requirements for using Centralized Deployment as outlined in this article.

How do I know if my organization is set up for Centralized Deployment?

Centralized deployment of add-ins requires that users are using Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (and are signed into Office using their organizational log-in credentials) and have Exchange Online mailboxes. Your subscription directory must either be in, or federated to, Azure Active Directory.

Centralized Deployment is only supported for online mailboxes. It does not support deployment to on-premises Exchange mailboxes.

You can use the Centralized Deployment Compatibility Checker to determine if your subscription is eligible.

Making the “Add-In” (that uses OAuth SSO) available to Office applications.

  1. Obtain the Solar Archive Add-In “manifest” (an XML file) from the appropriate React UI.

    • Open the React UI

    • Click in the top right profile icon.

    • Click "Download Office Add-in"

  2. Open the Settings menu, and click the Integrated Apps menu. From here, click the “Upload custom apps”

  3. From the Custom Apps panel, select the App Type of “Office Add-in”:

  4. Then select the Add-Id manifest file that you previously downloaded from the React-UI in Step 1.

  5. You can then select WHO this Add-In will be applied to.

  6. It displays in the Ribbon Bar (but only if an email is selected) or in the header section of the currently selected email.

    • After a few minutes, the Add-in will become available in Outlook and OWA (all version).

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