Configuring Error Email Respool Settings

How to configure your archive's error email respool settings

An email may occasionally error in the Solar Archive server for a number of different reasons and at any point in the processing sequence. To prevent such emails from failing due to intermittent issues, like network connectivity or LDAP connections, the system will automatically respool some classes of erroring email. These emails will be re-processed up to three times before they fully error. There will be a delay of some hours between each reprocessing attempt.

If, after any respool attempts, an email errors, the Solar Archive server will:

1. Preserve the source email file in an Error directory on the primary Solar Archive system.

2. Preserve the cause of the error (known as a stack trace) alongside the error email file.

3. Send an error alert for the first email that errors with a particular ‘class’ of error that day.

4. Send a summary report each day, indicating the number of errored emails.

5. Error emails are grouped into ‘exception classes’. The class relates to the cause or reason for the item that has errored.

The Error Email Manager provides visibility to the headers of mail that failed to successfully process into the archive. It also shows the cause of the error (the stack dump).

Errors may occur at any part of the processing path for an email. Here are some key points:

  • Read and validate an email file. A number of key attributes (message-id, date, sender etc.) are determined at this stage. An invalid/unreadable email file will error under the “Unknown-Account” error section.

  • The Email Date is critical because emails are stored in date based data stores, for efficient search and recovery. If the Date: header in the email is not of the RFC822 standard format, or is very old (before 1st Jan 2000 or before any retention period), then the email will error. Solar Archive can use the date found in a “Received: From” header – which is stamped with the date/time of the sending email server.

  • For Unwrapped emails: Expand Email addresses via LDAP. This de-aliases any local email addresses (convert any secondary email addresses to the primary email address); and then if the address is a distribution group, then expand these to list all recipients of that group. LDAP related errors may occur at this point.

  • Encrypt & Compress the email and Store the email and ‘envelope’ recipient data. Errors are unusual at this stage, but may occur when obtaining or storing the email identifiers and message-id into a database.

  • Extract the keywords from the email text and attachments. Store this in a Lucene Index. Errors with keyword extraction / attachment reading and Index issues will occur here.

  • If there is a Mirror server, repeat the store and index processes on the Mirror. Errors with communication and connectivity to the mirror, as well as processing errors, can occur at this stage.

The Error Email Manager provides visibility to the headers of mail that failed to successfully process into the archive. It also shows the cause of the error (the stack dump) which helps you decide the action to be taken on these emails.

The Error Email Manager groups issues under the Company name or the “Unknown-Account”. And then further groups under the Exception Class name which caused those emails to error.

Configuring Error Email Respool Settings

  1. Navigate to Email Management > Error Email Manager.

  2. Enter / Select the required values in the fields. Refer to the table below for field names and descriptions.

  3. Click the Apply button.

  4. The respool settings for error emails will be configured successfully.


Include Respool Error

Specifies whether or not the respool error message should be included.

Message to Respool - All

Specifies whether or not messages should be sent to respool.

Apply Action

Action to be applied on error emails. The option available are: Normal Respool - It simply moves the error items back into the spool queue where they will be re-processed. This option can be used when some action has been taken to resolve the issue. Respool using date from ‘Received’ header - It is for a group of emails that have errored due to a date related issue. Delete - It will remove all mails from the selected error classes, with an associated audit report.

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