11-10-2023 (v9.4.4-b52-00)

Released 10/10/23


  • Fixed Onboarding Script now utilises MS Graph API, as a pre-requisite you will now need to install MSGraph-dependent software. By default, ExecutionPolicies will not be installed even if you run as an admin. To change the policy on your Windows machine to allow you to run a PowerShell script, you need to modify the PowerShell execution policy.

    • Open PowerShell as an Administrator

      Right-click on the Start button and select "Windows Terminal (Admin)" or search for "PowerShell," right-click on "Windows PowerShell," and choose "Run as Administrator."

    • Check Current Execution Policy To check the current execution policy, type the following command and press Enter: Get-ExecutionPolicy=

    • Change Execution Policy Change the policy for the current user only (rather than the whole system), you can add the `-Scope CurrentUser` parameter:

      Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser

    • Confirm Change After you make the change, you might need to confirm the change by typing "Y" and pressing Enter.

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