Configuring Email Collector

How to configure your archive's email collector.

The Mail Collectors or Collectors are used to journal email to a user mailbox on an email server, and then Solar Archive will collect the emails using IMAP or POP3 connection. Journal Mail is a copy of an email as it is being transported over SMTP and it may include additional delivery information as compared to the original email.

The Mail Collector follows a read-and-delete routine wherein emails will be deleted after it is read, from the selected user account. The Collector reads only the inbox of an account and not the sub-folders.

Solar Archive provides a simple Administration tool to create one or more IMAP/POP3 collectors. IMAP is the default and preferred protocol. EWS has also been recently added for Exchange systems.


  1. Navigate to Basic Configuration > Mail Collector (IMAP/POP3).

  2. Click the Create Connection button.

  3. Enter / Select the required values in the fields. Refer to the table below for field names and descriptions:

  4. Click the Save Connection button.



Name of the server.


Username to login to the server.


Password to login to the server.


Protocol of the collector.

Connection Type

Type of connection used to connect to the server.


Port number to connect to the server.

Include Folders

Folders that need to be included for journaling.

Exclude Folders

Folders that need to be excluded for journaling.

Download From Sub-folders

Specifies whether or not mails from sub-folders should be included for downloaded.

Check Every

Interval, in second, at which the server checks for new emails.


Specifies whether or not this collector is enabled.

Idle Alert Period

Time, in hours, at which an alert is sent if there are no new emails for that period.

Queue Messages For Import Node

Specifies whether or not messages should be queued for the import node.

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