05-10-2021 (v9.4.4-b12-00)

Released 5th October, 2021

Mailbox Reader

  • New enhanced framework for Mailbox Reader.

  • Improved stability and performance for Mailbox Reader.

  • Enhanced troubleshooting for Mailbox Reader.

  • Added more granularity to the end user via Mailbox Reader Interface.

  • Improved queuing for Mailbox Reader process. Reducing latency when multiple mailbox readers are running concurrently.

Folder Replication

  • Improved performance of Folder Replication.

  • Better scalability so Folder Replication has reduced impact on other services in the system.


  • Improvements to preview in the Branding Admin.

  • Allow favicon to be updated in Branding Admin.

  • Easier access to new admin areas of the system.

  • Branding enabled for the Control Panel.

Failover, Backup and Recovery

  • Faster recovery of components of the system in an outage

  • Allow single / multiple tenant migration between systems

  • Component based back up to allow for incremental recovery of corrupt components.

  • Data Recovery Functionality will allow for full system upgrades as required.

React Interface

  • Allow users to 'Switch Identity' in React UI.

  • Allow Search via Secondary Email Addresses in React UI.

Outlook Task Pane Add-in

  • Added support for IE11 in the Outlook Task Pane Add-in.

  • Added support for searching by Sent Emails (and attachments) in the Outlook Task Pane Add-in.

  • Improved performance in opening emails via the in the Outlook Task Pane Add-in.


  • Fixed a timeout issue in Outlook Task Pane added to reduce blank screen bug.

  • The system now handles multiple secondary email addresses better.

  • Fixed an issue with Mailbox Reader set up via on-boarding.

  • Enhancement to EWS email restore function to improve stability.

  • Fixed an issue were Email download could fail if file name is too long.

  • Fixed Long priv / admin username could overlap on the UI.

  • Fixed an issue were saving a search without name would disappear from UI.

  • Style bug fixes for font and logos in control panel validation.

  • Web enabled folder enhancement to reduce errors from occurring on launch.

  • Fixed an issue were the React UI failed to download for some users and showing 'bad request'.

  • Fixed an issue were Usage summary failed if tenant had special characters.

  • Fixed an issue were a Delegated access user could sometimes see emails outside of the designated time period.

  • Skip attachment de-duplication for attachments which cant be deduplicated.

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