Submitting Reports

How to submit your monthly reports via the Billing interface.

Creating usage reports with the new billing system is easy and efficient. The system automatically generates a report for you every month, with accurate data, that you can submit directly to Solar Archive using the convenient submission tool in the billing interface. If you prefer to download the report, we provide that option via the "Download Report" link on the Billing History panel.

Submit a Report

  1. Navigate to the Billing interface.

  2. Scroll down to "Billing History"

  3. Find the month you would like to submit a report for.

  4. Click "Submit Report"

  5. You will be presented with a dialog. (Image below)

  6. This dialog will show you the following:

    1. Date Range for the Report (Locked)

    2. Active User Count for this Date Range (Value compared to previous month)

    3. Purchase # (Optional - Great for accounting systems)

    4. Additional Comments (If you would like to add comments for Solar Archive)

    5. Anonymise Report (Anonymises the report, Solar Archive will not see reseller or tenant names)

  7. Once you have entered any additional information, click "Submit Report"

  8. The report will now be submitted to Solar Archive, you will get a confirmation email.

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