Monitoring Mailbox Reader Imports

How to Monitor and Debug Mailbox Reader Imports

After configuration, when the Import is started it will be listed in ongoing imports. On clicking it, you will be taken to the import status page.

On the Import status page, administrators can monitor the progress of imports, filter mailboxes based on provided options and disable user import.

Some options are provided in the Actions field for each mailbox namely View Details, Debug, Disable User Import and Delete User.

You can find more details about each option below:

View Details

This option provides the details of mails downloaded from each folder in every run of the mailbox reader. In case there are a large number of emails or live emails are coming in the mailbox then multiple runs might take place to capture the complete data.


This option displays any issues occurred while downloading the emails from the mailbox.

This panel helps our support staff debug any import issues.

Disable User Import

This option disables the user for import, barring the download of emails from its mailbox. After being disabled, the status column will show disabled tag instead of enabled.

Delete User

As the name suggests this option deletes the user from the Import process.

Completion of Import Process

On completion each mailbox’s status will get a completed tag instead of running. And once all the mailboxes associated with the Import Process are downloaded and completed, the Import process will be completed.

After the completion of the Import process, all the emails are archived for configured mailboxes. Now these emails can be accessed via the archive.

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