26-01-2024 (v9.4.4-b69-00)

Released 24/01/24


  • Allowing resellers to bulk create Tenants from a file via a script. Dramatically reducing onboarding time for resellers. Contact us to learn more.

  • New Tertiary Colour added to the Classic UI, previously was only available in the React Interface.

  • Bulk Export service generates the exchange envelope wrapper in new format. The exported message files now have '.eml' extension.

  • Onboarding Script now supports the latest version of Microsoft Azure AD.

  • Calendar year selector start year updated. Now starts from 1970.

  • Improved React-UI's Attachment filter list to be alphabetically sorted.

  • Improved Bulk Export to grant the option of generating non-evelopment wrapped emails.

  • Enhanced License counting mechanism for the Billing portal.

  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery Speed.

  • Updated all services to use JDK 21.

  • Enhanced listing of email addresses using the Search Statistics page. Previously, was limited to 100.


  • Limited new company tags to be a maximum of 16 characters.

  • Fixed an issue where Seach date criteria would set to "Custom" after a search is performed.

  • Fixed an issue where searching for all document types within advanced search would not search within Teams and Personal chats.

  • Fixed an issue where the company filter wouldn't work on the Key Search page.

  • Fixed an issue where the case folder dialog would display indefinitely if there were connection issues.

  • Fixed an issue within the onboarding script where it would fail if the Azure AD installed was an outdated version.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the keyword extraction to fail on certain attachments.

  • Fixed an issue where delegate links where case sensitive.

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