🔌Outlook Add-in

Installing & Using our Outlook Add-in

Solar Archive provides tenants and customers a helpful Outlook add-in. The Outlook add-in allows users to browse their archive without leaving the Outlook interface.

There are two options of install for the Outlook Add-in, these are:

1. Local Deployment

Manually install the Outlook add-in across your organisation for each computer. Preferable for smaller organisations.

Go to Local Deployment Install

2. Centralised Deployment

Centralized Deployment is the recommended way for an Office 365 admin to deploy Office Add-ins (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) to users and groups within an organization, provided the organization meets all requirements for using Centralized Deployment as outlined in this article.

You can use the Centralized Deployment Compatibility Checker to determine if your subscription is eligible.

The Outlook add-in is available to all customers for free. There is no additional charge.

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