Managing Legal Hold Requests

How to Approve/Part-Approve and Decline Legal Hold Requests

In this article, we will provide an overview of how to manage legal hold requests within your archive as a Data Guardian user. It's important to note that access to this interface and the ability to manage requests is limited to Data Guardian users. If you are not a Data Guardian, please reach out to your system administrator for assistance in managing requests.

As a Data Guardian, you will receive notifications via email when a Legal Hold request is submitted.

Step 1: Login as Data Guardian

  • Click the profile menu in the top right corner of the interface and select "Switch User."

  • From the list of users, select the one labeled as "Data Guardian" under the username.

  • You will now be logged into the Data Guardian interface and can switch back to your basic user account by repeating the first step and selecting "Basic User."

  • Click on "Requests" within the archive's navigation bar.

  • A list of legal hold requests from users will be displayed, with the status of each request clearly indicated in the status column.

Step 3: Review and Approve Requests

  • Click on a specific request to view its details.

  • Once the request is open, you will see a list of entries that a user has requested to be placed on legal hold within the archive.

  • As a Data Guardian, you have two options for approving requests:

    • Approve individual entries by clicking on the entry and selecting "Approve" in the top right corner of the right-hand pane.

    • Approve all entries by clicking the "Approve All" button within the sub-navigation of the screen.

Note: The interface of the application may be different and the exact steps may vary based on the application you are using, but the overall process is similar.

If your archive is configured to require approval from two Data Guardians, requests will be displayed with a status of "Awaiting Secondary Approval" in the list of requests. Keep in mind that if you have already approved a request and it is waiting for secondary approval, the entries will not be placed on legal hold until the secondary approval is received.

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