Adding a Delegation Link

How to add a delegation link as an Admin of Solar Archive

Administrators can add a delegated link to a user account. This link allows the user to access another account.

  1. Search the required user account in the User Directory.

  2. Click the Add Link button for the user account.

    • The Directory Search dialog will be displayed.

  3. Enter / Select the required values in the fields. Refer to the table below for field names and descriptions.

  4. Enter the search string in the text box and click the Search button.

  5. Select the required option from the Delegate Type drop down menu and click the Add Link button.

  6. A confirmation message will be displayed and the delegate link will be added successfully.


Searching For field

Type of account that is being searched. The available options are User Accounts, User Groups, and Public Folders.

Search Filter

Filter to be used for search. The available options are Only user account types, Only group account types, and Active user accounts only.

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