Local Add-in Install

Installing the Add-in Locally

Installing the add-in locally (1 computer) is an easy process and only takes a few minutes.

Requirement You need to be enabled to access the new interface of Solar Archive.

1. Login to your Archive.

Login to your archive using the credentials you have been given.

2. Click on the Profile Menu.

Login to your interface. Once you have logged in successfully, proceed to click the profile menu in the top right of the interface.

3. Click on "Download Office Add in"

When the profile menu opens, proceed to click on the "Download Office Add in" link.

4. Click on Download

After clicking on "Download Office Add in" a modal should appear. Proceed to click on "Download". This will download start the download of the add-in.

5. Open Outlook. Click "Get Add-ins" within the Ribbon Bar.

When Outlook has opened, click "Get Add-ins" within Outlook's Ribbon bar.

5. Click "My Add-ins" on the Left Menu

When the modal opens, proceed to click the "My Add-ins" button within the left hand side menu.

6. Scroll Down and Click "Add a custom add-in"

At the bottom of this window, you should see a link titled "Add a custom add-in"

7. Browse and Select the .xml file downloaded previously.

In the file picker, browse to the .xml file downloaded at the start of the tutorial. Once uploaded, your add-in will now be available within Outlook's Ribbon Bar.

8. Finished

You have now installed the Outlook add-in. To access, please click the logo either within the Ribbon bar or within the more menu if using the new Outlook interface.

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