Solar Archive's Structure

Solar Archive's System Structure and Development Architecture.

Through these pages we will introduce how the Solar Archive system is structured, the names of the services we use and highlight some of the technologies we use to run the application. We believe this will be useful in supporting and selling the technology.

Solar Archive's Customer Structure

Solar Archive is setup into tiers of accounts. We call these tiers Super User, T1, T2 and T3. A brief explanation of each is as follows:

  • SU - Super User

    • The SU account is the company who manage the hosting of the system, they can administrate the system on behalf of all tiers below them.

  • T1 - Region / Distributor

    • T1 level falls below the SU and has rights to manage the reseller companies and the admin users within each reseller company. There could be multiple reseller companies under a region / distributor and a number of admin users under each reseller company.

  • T2 - Reseller

    • T2 level is present below T1. A T2 admin user has the right to directly create tenants. There could be multiple tenants added under each reseller company. The T2 can only administrate the T3 accounts who sit directly beneath them, their customers.

  • T3 - Tenant

    • A tenant is usually an end-customer or business who purchases archiving for use within their business.

The diagram pictured below should help you and your sales team visualise these tiers.

Solar Archive's Technical Architecture

Solar Archive uses advanced technology to keep our archiving service secure as well as efficient in terms of speed and cost. We do this by utilising the following development technologies:

  • Service Oriented Processing

  • Delivered as a Kubernetes Cluster

  • Solar Archive Mail Server is based on the secure and extendable Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server

  • Based on proven code that has been archiving emails for over 17 years and remade for a service-oriented cloud architecture.

  • Auto-scaled with Kubernetes, the system will scale up to meet demand.

  • Lightning fast, replicated high-availability search engine which can query archives of many millions of emails in seconds.

  • Self-maintaining, self-healing and can be scaled with minimal effort and zero downtime.

If you have any questions regarding the customer structure of Solar Archive or the technical overview, please contact us using

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