Searching via the Outlook Add-in

How to start searching via the Outlook Add-in

You can search your entire archive using the Outlook add-in without ever leaving Outlook. If you need to, you can also take your Outlook add-in search into the full archive interface.

We're going to run the following example search story:

"I know I had an email that I wanted to read from the company Zeplin. It had something to do with how to build bots."

So, let's do that search within the Outlook Add-in.

  • Search the Archive for emails from

  • Search should include keyword "bots"

Open the Outlook Add-in

Click the Outlook add-in from within your Outlook ribbon bar or from within the more menu if you're using the newer Outlook interface.

Click the "Search" Icon

Click the search icon from within the Outlook add-in to bring up the search interface.

You don't need to select an email from blog@zapier... You can be selected on any email you'd like.

Type our first keyword into the Search Field

We know the email contained something to do with "bots" so let's type that into the search field on the Outlook add-in.

Click the "From" Button

Automatically, the Outlook add-in sets the email address from the email you've selected in Outlook as the "from" address. For our search query, we'll need to change that to

Enter the "From" Address

In this case, we want to change it to so let's add that and remove the one set by add-in automatically.

Find Results

We should have some archive results visible if we close the "From" box. To close the from box you can either click the "X" icon in the corner or click within the dark overlay at the top.

View the Email

Let's read the email, just click on the result from the list. The archived email should now be opened inside the add-in.

This is just a small sample of what the Outlook add-in can do.

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