Filtering Search Results

How to filter search results in your Archive

Filter by Recipients

Filtering by recipient count can be especially useful if you know an email had a large amount of CC's and BCC's, it's also a great way to find company-wide communications.

If you have a large result set that you need to reduce, filtering is a great way to do this. To filter results, click on the button called "Filter Results", this will open up the filter menu containing the available options you can filter.

Once the filter menu is open, click the option "Recipient Count", this will now open the recipient count filter options. You can filter by recipient brackets (e.g. 1-5), each dropdown is bespoke to your current search result set.

Filter by Attachment Count

Once you've conducted a search and found a lot of results you may want to refine the results and whittle it down to just the results with attachments. Solar Archive's attachment filters allow you to easily filter for emails that contain a specific attachment count or the size of the attachments.

Attachment Count

If you know an email contained a certain amount of attachments e.g. over 3 you can filter by this easily by first clicking the "Filter Results" button which will open the filter menu. On the filter menu, you will see an "Attachment Count" option, clicking this option will open the available attachment count filters.

You can choose:

  • With Attachments

    • Choosing this will filter emails, only showing those which have an attachment.

  • No Attachments

    • Choosing this will only show emails that have no attachments.

Attachment Size

You can filter as well by attachment size, this is particularly useful if you know someone has sent a large attachment to you previously such as a design file or a large PDF. Firstly, open the filter menu by clicking the "Filter Results" button, when the filter menu has opened, you will see an option called "Attachment Size". Clicking this option will display the sizes that you can filter your results by, there are numerous options and each is bespoke to your results.

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