⚡Quick Start

Get going with Solar Archive quickly using our quick start guides.

In this quick start series of tutorials we'll be getting a tenant fully setup with Solar Archive. We'll be setting up a tenant, a live journal feed, importing previous emails, creating privileged users and finally checking everything is working correctly with email receipts.

ðŸšĶ Prerequisites

Before we get going, let's make sure we have everything we need to get setup.

  • Account with Solar Archive.

  • Login details to your Solar Archive admin account (this will be sent automatically when the account is created).

If at any point you get stuck, please reach out to support using the various channels.

🆕 Automated Onboarding

At Solar Archive we're always working on ways to simplify our partners day to day operations. Automated Onboarding simplifies getting a new tenant onboarded, it allows you to send an automated onboarding link which is fully adapted to your brand straight to the customer when creating their tenant credentials. This is currently only available for Office 365 email customers. If you have an alternative mail system then please contact us for support.

You can learn more about automated onboarding here.

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