Forward Results

How to forward results from your archive.

When browsing your archive, you may come across a set of results or an individual result that you want to forward to a friend via email. When you forward a result from your archive it will send an email to that person containing the result - exactly how it would forward it from your email client.

(Tip: You can forward to yourself from the archive instead of restoring)

Forward Single Result

To forward an email, start by conducting a search on your archive and finding the result you would like to forward. Open your result into the results pane. Once opened, in the sub-navigation bar, click the "More" button then proceed to click "Forward" in the dropdown menu that appears below.

You should now be presented, with the "Forward" dialog box that gives you numerous options to choose from:

All Items/Selected

  • If selected, this will forward the result to the email address provided below this option.

Forward to Email Address

  • If selected, this will forward the selected result to the email address you have used to sign in to your archive.

Forward to Myself

  • We currently have one type of forwarding "Standard Forward" This will forward your result in a similar format to your email application.

Forward Type

  • You can choose between selecting all items in your search or just the specific result you have open.

Forwarding Multiple Results

To forward multiple results, first search your archive and find the results you would like to forward. Once you have found the emails you would like to forward, select which emails you would like by selecting the checkbox next to each result or select all results by using the "Select" dropdown button.

Once you have selected the emails you would like to forward, in the top right of the interface, in the sub-navigation bar you will see the "More" button. In the more dropdown, clicking the "Forward" button will bring up the forward results dialog window. On this dialog window, you will have the same options as an individual forward, but this time, if you have selected more than one result, you will notice the "Selected" number has changed to reflect this.

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