Configuring Global Account Settings

How to configure your Global Account Settings in Solar Archive

The Data Guardians section allows you to configure global settings such as login failure limit, lock timeout, old password limit, and password expiry days. These settings are not related to Data Guardians and instead related to Local User Accounts only.

  1. Navigate to Basic Configuration > Data Guardians.

  2. Enter / Select the required values in the fields. Refer to the table below for field names and descriptions.

  3. Review all the values and click Save.

  4. The Global account settings will be configured successfully.


Login Failure Limit

Number of times a user can attempt to log-in with the same user ID before the account is locked out.

Lock Timeout

Time, in minutes, for which the user account will be locked after the Login Failure Limit number of failed login attempts. Minimum value for this field is 1.

Old Password Limit

Number of new passwords that the user should use before reusing an old password. Enter 0 if you want to allow the user to re-enter the old password again.

Password Expiry

Number of days after which the user must change their account password. A user is given one grace log in with their old password.

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