Printing Results

How to print results from your archive

Solar Archive has the option to print the emails directly from the archive. Whether you need to save as a PDF or physically print the emails, Solar Archive can do both. You can print singular or hundreds of emails directly from your archive.

Printing Single Email

Find the result that you would like to print from the archive, click to open the result in the results pane. Once the result has opened in the results pane, click the "More" button in the sub-navigation menu on the results pane. In the "More" dropdown, click "Print".

Printing Multiple Emails

To print multiple emails, first select the emails you would like to print from your results by clicking their checkboxes. Once you have chosen the emails you would like to print, go to the sub-navigation menu and click the "More" button. From the more dropdown, choose "Print", you will no be prompted with the print window.

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