06-05-2022 (v9.4.4-b29)

Released 6th May, 2022


  • New Control Panel Interface released, granting access to our enhanced admin area containing Billing & Branding.

  • New Branding Interface released, allowing you to customise your interface's branding without the need for developer input.

  • New Billing Interface released, giving you detailed insights into your customers archive usage. We have also made it easier to send Solar Archive your usage reports via the new "Submit Report" functionality.

  • New Delete Request system allowing Basic and Privileged users to request a deletion from the archive. This can be modified in admin area under "Company Settings".

  • New Microsoft Teams Integration. You can now search your Microsoft Team's messages within the Search interface. Please contact your administrator to learn about setup.


  • Fixed an issue with Wildcard searching within the new interface.

  • Fixed an issue with replaying a saved search from the interface.

  • Fixed an issue where a search would sometimes fail for SAML users.

  • Fixed numerous issues that occurred when progressing through the Onboarding Interface.


  • Improved indexing functionality to recognise and distinguish between embedded attachments and attached files.

  • Improved login page by adding the "Remember Me" functionality.

  • Improved search speed by reducing the amount of results initially loaded to 20 from 100.

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