User Types

User Types within Solar Archive


Administrators are users who have no access to the search interfaces and they have access only to the admin functions that. Only administrators can reset passwords and access the Forgotten your Password? login facility.

Privileged & Delete User

Privileged & Delete users are privileged users who also have permissions to delete the emails. A Privilege & Delete user type has the ability to authorise a deletion request. This account type will only become available if you have a license to use it. In all other respects, this account type is the same as a standard Privilege account.

Data Guardian

A Data Guardian is, in Solar Archive, an email address to which transcripts of administrator access and privileged user searches will be sent. At least one data guardian must be added, before adding any local user accounts.

Note: For versions 9.0.2 and above, different guardians for each of administrative or privilege usage audit transcripts can be specified.

Basic User

Basic User's are users who can have access to one or more email addresses / inboxes. specified for their account. This is similar to a user connecting via LDAP (i.e. with an Active Directory user login). A basic user is not normally audited.

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