Monitoring Usage

Monitoring Usage in Billing

In this article we will be looking into the various sections of the Billing interface and how to monitor usage effectively to increase retention as well as identify possible up-sell oppurtunities. The billing area changes depending on your tenant level e.g. T2.

Usage Panel

The usage panel allows you to view the active user counts for all of your T2 tenants and their corresponding T3 tenants in the form of bar charts. The default time frame for this chart is 6 months of data, but you can also change the date range by using the option in the top right corner of the page. Additionally, hovering over a bar chart will display the active user count for that specific month. This feature allows you to easily monitor the usage of your tenants over time.

Resellers/Tenants/Users Panel

As a T1 User, you have access to a panel located beneath the usage chart that displays the usage for each reseller in your downstream. The data displayed in the table is typically the most recent month's data and the date range can be found to the right of the title. If you have selected a specific month on the chart, the table will show the usage for that specific month.

By clicking on a reseller in the table, you will be directed to the reseller's page where you can view more information about the reseller and their tenants.

The table displays several columns including Name, Active Users, Licensed Users, Storage and Total Storage. Each column has the following meaning:

Billing History

As a T1/T2 user, you will see an additional panel called "Billing History" located beneath the Reseller/Tenant panel. This panel displays automatically generated reports that show your usage on a per-month basis. You have the option to download the report for further viewing and to submit it directly to Solar Archive with various options that we will cover in the next document. The reports are generated based on the usage consumed by your resellers/tenants for the specified date period.

The panel includes the following columns: Report, Active Users and Monthly Storage Total. These columns represent:

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