Branding your Archive

This guide will walk you through the process of customizing the color scheme and logo of your archive to reflect your organization's branding. The branding options can be accessed through the admin section and are reflected throughout the application.

  1. Log in to the admin section of the Solar Archive.

  2. In the control panel, select the "Branding" tab.

  3. In the Branding Hub, you will see three main sections: Archive Name, Your Logo, and Colour Scheme.

  4. In the "Archive Name" section, enter the title of your archive. This will be displayed throughout the archive.

  5. In the "Your Logo" section, upload the logo of your organization in SVG format. There are two options for size: a small logo (300x300px) and a large logo (500x150px). The small logo is used for the favicon and archive logo, while the large logo is used for the archive login page.

  6. In the "Colour Scheme" section, edit the primary and secondary colours used in the application. The primary colour is used for buttons, while the secondary colour is used for banners. Text colours will automatically adjust to ensure accessibility.

After completing the steps outlined in this guide, your Solar Archive will have a unique branding that reflects your organization's identity. Keep in mind that the branding is only accessible to archive administrators, and branding is waterfall, e.g. T2 branding will apply to all T3’s within their umbrella. If you have any questions or issues, please refer to the Solar Archive's documentation or contact support.

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