Getting Started

Getting Started with Folder Replication

Accessing Folder Replication section

Folder replication can be accessed via navigation panel on tenant admin page. This section has 2 sub sections i.e., Connection Settings and Mailbox selection. Below figure shows the page.

The administrator has the ability to configure connection settings for multiple connections. Once the connection settings have been saved and tested, multiple mailboxes can be added for synchronization.

Each connection supports multiple protocols for fetching information from the server regarding folders and messages present in the archive for the selected mailbox.

The choice of protocol for accessing and reading from the mailboxes depends on the specific mail server. Here are some recommendations:

  • For Exchange 2007 onwards, it is recommended to use EWS (Exchange Web Services), which is a powerful and increasingly efficient method, especially with later Exchange releases.

  • For most other mail sources, such as Exchange 2003, Gmail, Hotmail, and others, IMAP is the preferred protocol.

  • POP3 should be used as a last resort.

In addition, MSGraph can be used as a method for mail extraction from Microsoft Exchange Online (Office365).

To access the mailboxes, you will need to discover the server information. For Exchange servers, the CAS (Client Access Server) is usually the preferred option, as it offers IMAP (if enabled) and EWS web services. When using EWS, it is crucial to enter the correct server hostname, which must match the services' certificate and standard URL. It's important to note that if the hostname is incorrect, the EWS connection will fail.

For IMAP/POP3, you can generally use the service names that are well-documented by various mail vendors. EWS is recommended for mail extraction from on-premises Exchange systems, while MSGraph is recommended for extracting mail from Microsoft Exchange Online (Office365).

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