Restore Results

Restore results back into your email inbo

We've all accidentally deleted an important email that we need to retrieve, one of the main reasons companies have archives like ours. Solar Archive makes restoring an email to your inbox a breeze.

When you've found the email you're wanting to restore using our search tool, open the email up by clicking the item in your results. Once your email has opened in the results pane, head to the sub-navigation menu where you will see a button named "Restore".

When you click "Restore", you will be prompted with the "Restore" dialog. On this dialog, you will be able to choose which folder inside your email inbox you would like to restore this email. When you have decided on a folder, proceed to click "Restore".

The system will now be restoring this email into the folder you selected. This process will usually take 10-20 seconds, depending on the email size.

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