Creating Local User Accounts

How to create local user accounts on Solar Archive

Administrators can create new user accounts in the Local User Accounts under the Basic Configuration section. Every user has a user account that identifies the user, and the user account settings determine the permissions / privileges of the user.

The Local User Accounts section allows you to create different user types with different permissions for each type, that are explained below:

  • Privileged Users - Also called e-Discovery Users, are users who are able to search across the archives and do their e-discovery investigations. This user can search across all email in that Solar Archive system (or that Solar Archive company, when in multi-tenant mode) unless one or more searchable domains are added. Any searches made by Privileged users will raise an audit transcript that is sent to the Data Guardian(s).

  • Basic Users - are users who can have access to one or more email addresses / inboxes. specified for their account. This is similar to a user connecting via LDAP (i.e. with an Active Directory user login). A basic user is not normally audited (i.e. No Data Guardian transcript will be sent following any searches). Note: Basic accounts can be set up to view any number of different user mailboxes, by entering several secondary email addresses that relate to other mailboxes. In this mode, the basic account should be audited. It is recommended to ensure that the auditing options are used when creating such an account.

  • Privileged & Delete - are privileged users who also have permissions to delete the emails. A Privilege & Delete user type has the ability to authorise a deletion request. This account type will only become available if you have a license to use it. In all other respects, this account type is the same as a standard Privilege account.

  • Administrators - are users who have no access to the search interfaces and they have access only to the admin functions that. Only administrators can reset passwords and access the Forgotten your Password? login facility. Note: If an administrator uses the Forgotten your Password? feature, a new password will be emailed to the Administrator’s primary email address. There is a single default Administrator (cryoserver_admin) which is used to set-up the initial Solar Archive system. Ensure to change the email address of this account in the Outbound Email & Alerts section. It is recommended that additional administrator accounts are added – one for each member of IT staff who may need to administer the Solar Archive system. Then the Data Guardian transcripts will indicate which user had logged in.

  1. Navigate to Basic Configuration > Local User Accounts.

  2. Click the Create New Account button.

  3. Follow the appropriate procedure to create the required user type:

    1. Basic

    2. Privileged & Delete

    3. Administrator

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