Managing Headers

How to manage your headers on the archive.

Instant Messages (IM) can be captured by a range of third party products, and converted into an email format that Solar Archive can then archive.

Solar Archive supports:

  • Actiance Vantage border-patrol service, which is able to trap most IM services (e.g. MSN / Yahoo / Sametime / Bloomberg). ( Note that this product was previously named β€œFacetime”. Some references to Facetime still remain as a result of this.

  • Skype for Business / LYNC Capture – a service developed by Solar Archive to obtain, reformat and deliver IM messages extracted from Powershell commands.

  • Epillio Sametime plug-in– a service created by Epilio ( that captures and re-formats current Sametime conversations for delivery to Solar Archive. It uses the same Email Format as the LYNC Capture service.

Note: Your Solar Archive system will need a license setting to allow IM formatted messages to be recorded. Contact Solar Archive Support in order to apply the required License.

The IM Configuration section allows Administrators to create and manage headers to identify IM transcripts and their type.

Adding Headers

  1. Navigate to Adv Configuration > IM Configuration.

  2. Click the Create New Header button.

  3. Enter / Select the required values in the fields.

  4. Click the Save Header Details button.

Editing Headers

  1. To edit a header, click the required header in the Existing Headers section and then click the Edit Header button.

  2. The fields of the Header Details section will be rendered editable.

  3. Edit the values of the required fields and click the Save Header Details button.

  4. To delete a header, click the Delete Header button.

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