Configuring Outbound Email Settings and Email Alerts

How to configure your archive's outbound email settings and alerts.

The Outbound Email & Alerts section allows you to configure settings for emails going out of the Solar Archive server. Outbound emails typically are:

  • Emails forwarded by users to their inbox

  • Privilege & Admin user’s session transcripts sent to the Data Guardians

  • System status and alert emails – for both regular daily health checks and ad-hoc error alerts.

It also allows you to set alerts for outbound emails with details such as time after which alerts should be sent, email addresses to and from which alerts should be sent, audit email addresses, and so on.

  1. Navigate to Basic Configuration > Outbound Email & Alerts.

    • It is recommended that a single global setting should be configured for the outbound SMTP Server.

  2. To do this, check the System-wide SMTP Service field and click the System Alert Settings option on the right. Refer to Configuring System Alert Settings to configure the alert settings for your system.

  3. Enter / Select the required values in the fields. Refer to the below field descriptions.

  4. The next step is to test your SMTP connection. Click the Test SMTP Connection button on the right side.

  5. Select the required options for Send Mail to and Mail type fields and click Test Connection.

  6. Navigate to the Solar Archive application window.

  7. Enter / Select the required values in the fields. Refer to the table below for field names and descriptions. (Note: Hover your mouse on the field names for additional information and / or example values.)

  8. Review all the values and then click Save.


MailServer Address

DNS name or IP address of the SMTP server. This is typically your company’s email server or SMTP gateway.

SMTP Connection Type

Type of SMTP connection used by your company’s email server or SMTP gateway. You can select the option Plain for this field. If you have a secure email server or one that requires authentication, then you should select TLS or SSL.

On Port

Port number used by your SMTP connection. You can leave this field blank and the default value of 25 will be assumed. If you require an SSL connection, then enter port number 465.

Authorization Required

Specifies whether or not admin authorization is required to relay mail to email addresses outside of the organisation. Note: Instead of setting up authorisation, you can set up a receive connector in Exchange (or other mail system) that will allow relay only for mail from specific sources (IP address). or if your mail server is restricted to only accept mail from authorised sources.


Username of the SMTP server.


Password of the SMTP server.

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