Setting up a T3 Tenant

How to create a T3 Tenant on Solar Archive

T2 level is present below T1. A T2 admin user has the right to directly create tenants. There could be multiple tenants added under each reseller company

Creating a T3 Tenant

  1. Launch T2 URL https:// and login with T2 admin login credential.

  2. Click on “Add New Company” button, user is navigated to “Add new Company” page

  3. Enter the details of the company. Refer to the table below for field names and descriptions.

  4. Click Save.

Fields marked * are mandatory and cannot be edited once the company is created.

The new company will be added. Now the admin user that you added here will receive an email from which the installation can be initiated.



Short name of the company that will be used in the URL to access a specific company login and will be displayed in the Preferences dialog. For multi-tenant Solar Archive systems, each company will have a different Company Tag. It cannot be changed (via the Admin area) after the company has been created.

Company Name

Full name of the company and what you set here will appear on the login page and in the footer line of all subsequent pages, and on some alert emails.

Solr Collection

SOLR Collection that will be allotted to the company. It is a logical index spread across multiple servers.

DB Server

Address of the database server on which the company database will be stored.

Contact Name

Name of the contact person in the company, preferably the Admin user.

Contact Email

Email address of the contact person in the company

Contact Phone

Phone number of the contact person in the company

Email domain(s)

Add up to 3 email domains used in email addresses for this company.

These are used to determine the direction of each email (inbound / outbound etc.) and to compute the number of Active Email Accounts at this customer.


Provide the administrative login details added here to the customer, and then guide the customer through the administrative facilities that they have access to.

Send Setup Email

New Checking this box will send automated onboarding email to the customer.

Data Guardians

A Data Guardian is, in Solar Archive, an email address to which transcripts of administrator access and privileged user searches will be sent. At least one data guardian must be added, before adding any local user accounts.

You can also specify whether or not this data guardian can receive Privileged User Search transcripts and Administrator access transcripts.

Licensed users limit

Number of active mailboxes that should be recorded by Solar Archive.

As emails are being archived, Solar Archive will compute an active mailbox count. When the computed active mailbox count exceeds the Licensed users limit, then the usage data will be highlighted to the administrator. Note: Active accounts are computed by Solar Archive as the number of unique ‘local’ email addresses that are used for both sending and receiving emails. It is computed on a daily basis and averaged over the month. ‘Local’ addresses are those that match the configured local email domains.

*Encryption Key

Specify the type of encryption key to be used. The available options are System Level Key, Parent’s Key, and Custom Key.


Any account number or billing number or any note related to the customer can be used as a reference. This can be used to link to an Accounting system, project number, or any other reference desired. Solar Archive supports an API, allowing remote systems to connect and query various aspects of the system. This reference, in combination with the API, can be used to automate some business processes.

Contract End Date

The date on which the customer’s contract ends.

Use System-wide SMTP Services

Specify whether or not to allow system-wide SMTP services.

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