Managing Deletion Requests

How to manage deletion requests in your archive

This is only available for Data Guardians of your archive.

As a data guardian of your archive, you will be provided with a separate user account that is used to manage requests. Therefore, the initial step is to access this account. Let's begin.

1. Login to your Data Guardian Account

As a data guardian of your archive, switching from your basic user account to your data guardian account is a simple process that can be accomplished by accessing the profile menu located in the upper right-hand corner of your archive interface.

  • Click the profile menu in the top right.

  • Click "Change User"

  • Click your data guardian account (this should have an indication underneath the username that it is your data guardian account)

  • You are now switched into your data guardian account.

2. View Requests

Once you access your data guardian account, you will have access to a new interface that enables you to manage and administer requests and transcripts from your archive. There are two types of requests: deletion and legal hold.

  1. Click "Requests" within the navigation bar.

  2. You are now viewing requests, you can see 2 types of requests.

  3. Click a "Deletion" request.

  4. There are multiple types of actions:

    1. Approval All - Approves all entries in the request.

    2. Decline All - Declines all entries in the request.

    3. Singular Approval - Approves the currently viewed entry.

      • To do this, click an entry to view it and click the "check" mark.

    4. Singular Decline - Declines the currently viewed entry.

      • To do this, click an entry to view it and click the "cross" mark.

  5. You can choose which action you'd like to take as a Data Guardian.

  6. After your action, the entry will either be:

    1. Approved for deletion and be deleted.

    2. Declined and not be deleted.

In instances where your archive requires multiple data guardian approvals, any "Approved" requests will be placed into a "Part Approval" status, which necessitates the approval of another data guardian for the same request.

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