15-01-2021 (v9.4.2-b17)

Released 15th January, 2021


  • Enhance the 'Delete Items' and 'Respool Items' action under Error Email Manager page in SU.

  • In a specific scenario, processing agents might take longer to process respool emails

  • Enhance Mailbox Reader Test Connection functionality to fetch more than 1 user

  • Update configuration to connect with mongodb cluster environment


  • Fixed an issue where deleted documents count specified in retention delete info email is incorrect.

  • Fixed an issue when trace files were not being deleted when 'Delete Items' action is performed from Error Email Manager page

  • Fixed an issue where Calendar invite's email body did not properly display in the Outlook Search Interface.

  • Fixed an issue where the date period specified in retention deletion information email was slightly incorrect.

  • Fixed Reply urls being wrong when adding oauth connection for T1 and T2 users.

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