Selling Email Archiving

Learn how to best sell email archiving to your current or future customers.

With a white label cloud email archive, you can be ready to market it as part of your own brand range in no time, and instantly add a new revenue stream to your business.

📜 Email is the primary communication tool for businesses.

Over 60% of a business’s data is stored in email, and much of that is found nowhere else (IDC). There is a lot of critical and sensitive information in the email that every business needs to safeguard constantly and reference in the future.

Your customers are likely to have experienced frustrations from the lack of a proper email archiving solution; misplaced emails, slow searches, accidental deletions, frequently running out of expensive storage space, dealing with compliance and strict data regulations. They may or may not have been educated that an email archiving is the solution to help with their day-to-day productivity and compliance requirements.

As their service provider, email archiving is your opportunity and advantage to build more business. See an example of your partner margins here.

🚨 Market Problems

  • 60% of all business-critical information is stored only in email​.

  • 74% of organisations have been ordered to produce employee email as part of legal action​

  • 32% of organisations have no policies in place to prevent employees from deleting important content​

  • Increased regulation requiring email data to be retained (EU GDPR, FCA, SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley)

🧾 Why Customers are Buying Email Archiving

Customers buy email archive for a variety of reasons, below are the most common customer problems we come across.


  • Storing emails securely and finding them quickly allows for improved compliance ​

Business Continuity​

  • Need to maintain email access and service at all times​

  • Quick recovery in email outage​

Save Money on Core Email Service​

  • Only pay for active users on Office 365​

  • Retain all other users' emails in your Email Archive

Manage Increasing Email Volumes​

  • Users with ever growing mailbox sizes:​

    • Reduce cost of storing emails​

    • Improve staff productivity

🛟 How Solar Archive can Support Sales

Solar Archive team can support you in multiple ways, if you need help with something that isn't listed below just reach out to our sales team at and we'd be happy to assist you.

  • ‘Campaign in a box’ lead generation campaigns

  • Custom Branded White papers

  • Funded Events

  • Guest Speakers

  • Sales Training

  • Pre-sales technical training

  • Supported webinars

  • Pricing support

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