🔄Data Import

Importing Previous Data within Onboarding

The Automated Onboarding feature enables you to recover previous email data through the "Mailbox Reader" system. This system downloads your previous emails into the archive, creating a backup of your previous data. By this stage, you should have completed the tenant setup process, and new emails should be automatically imported into the archive.

Selecting Inboxes for Previous Email Import

A screen will appear, giving you the option to choose which user inboxes you want to import previous emails from. You can easily turn on and off the inboxes you wish to import.

Toggling All Mailboxes

If your organization is large, you may want to import all mailboxes. To do this, click the small checkbox in the table header. This will select all mailboxes. You can do the same to deselect all.

Confirm & Continue

Once you have selected the inboxes for import, click "Confirm & Continue" to queue the selected mailboxes for download on our system.

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