Contacting Support

How to get Support for your archive from our friendly support team.

Getting help or support from our friendly support team here at Solar Archive is easy. You can request support from the team's various support channels. We do ask that you attach as much information as you can to any query, this will aid us in directing your query to the right team and/or person.

Please use the following communication channels to get in touch with us:

ðŸŽŦ Support Ticket (Preferred)

To create a support ticket please click the following link:

Create a Support Ticket

Please make sure you have added as much detail as possible to your query before submitting. The more information we have, the quicker we can assist you with your support query (screen shots are often really helpful!).

If you cannot create a ticket or there's more detail needed, you can email the support team directly at the following email address.

Please remember, the more information the better.

If your support query is urgent, please call us on the following number:

🇎🇧 (+44) 800 280 0525

Our phone lines are managed during UK & US business hours. If you cannot get through to a representative, please leave a message. The message created will be converted into a support ticket.

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